What does every athlete want.  For a basketball player it could be a nice court that isn’t slippery, with good lines that’s always open, an endless supply of water and someone passing you the ball for every shot you take. Specifics may vary from person to person, but the core ingredients remain the same:  a ball, hoop, facilities and good people for a good game. 

For a football player? Endless supply of ball’s a field with good lines, free of all trash with an indoor option for bad weather: Its specifics may vary from person to person, but still the core ingredients also remain the same: A ball, facilities, and good people for a good game.  The same can be said for all sports.   

Open Run INC. will be our slice of heaven in the inner city. A place that is accommodating and adaptable and welcoming to all who want to play, regardless of skill level. Open Run INC. aims to be a fun, safe haven for the youth and surrounding communities. We will be the pride and joy of the inner city. Let’s become a reason people come to visit. A special place created for athletes by athletes.

(Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The Opportunity to play.)
-Mike Singletary-
Hall of fame NFL linebacker